The curse of the mummy’s finger

The curse of the mummy’s finger

mummy finger

This is what I’ve been reduced to doing to stop myself scratching at my “dermatitis”. I think it originally started as a toothbrush-related injury. I normally use a fancy-schmancy ergonomic toothbrush, but was forced to use (shock, horror) an ordinary one, and this created some soreness. I think it was exacerbated by knitting, but I’m not sure. So, at the moment I’m not scratching it. I’ll be fine!

Why is Camo yarn visible?

My mum really needs some gardening gloves. She’s a hands-on kinda gardener and so pretty pink cotton gloves are not going to cut it. She needs indestructible. She needs washable. She needs gloves that look like they’ve already been dragged through compost.

Step up acrylic camouflage (from 2Paw) …

camo yarn swatch

A pattern? As serendipity would have it, Trek blogged about a pair of convertible mittens. I looked. I downloaded. I printed off.

the convertible mitten pattern

I’ll be starting these as soon as I’ve finished the Fair Isle/stranded hat I mentioned in the last post? Wanna sneak-peak of the chart?

skull hat chart

And finally …

If you link to my blog from your blog or blogroll, can you make sure it points to this blog and not the old one? I’m just trying to make sure all the traffic is pointed in the right direction! Thanks.


2 thoughts on “The curse of the mummy’s finger

  1. Poor finger. You did this with a toothbrush?? My mind is boggling!! I have similar issues with the Camo’s invisibility/visibility issues. How’s that work???
    Nice hat chart!! I don’t wear hats but if I did I’d want a Star Wars one!! Hope your finger is better soon!!


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