Mamma’s got a brand new toy!

Mamma’s got a brand new toy!

I’ve been wanted to upgrade my camera for a while now, and Project Spectrum gave me the nudge I needed. My Kodak Easy Share is a great point ‘n’ shoot digital camera especially for its 3.2 mega pixels, but it was time to switch up.

Using my new camera to take a picture of my new camera’s box:

new camera box there of

Canon PowerShot A530 from Amazon UK.

I also got this little book:

knitters almanac

I haven’t read all of it yet, but it’s a real little gem. So far – highly recommended.

I’ve already started taking photos for Project Spectrum and you can subscribe to my photos by going to this page on Flickr and adding it too your personal feed aggregator. If you want. No pressure. They’re really good photos, you know. 🙂

Eye Candy Friday?

Not really official, but they are for the eyes!

my new reading glasses

Snazzy, no?


Well, it’s yarn, so it’s unconstructed knitting really!

fair isle hat yarn

I’m planning some sort of stranded knit hat, but it’s still at the design stage at the moment. I’ll get back to you on that.

And finally …

Thank you for the kind wishes for my mum, in response to the last post. Things do get on top of me sometimes and I have a tendency to vent in public spaces! 🙂

Oh, and after I took the picture of the Leaf Lace Jacket I did a quick stitch count and realised I’d made a complete flamingo up* somewhere. I ripped back to the underarm and found I was four stitches short. I added these at the underarm and I’m now nearly finished with the decreases. Phew!

As you were!

*Like a c0ck-up only bigger! 😀

4 thoughts on “Mamma’s got a brand new toy!

  1. Nice new camera.
    It’s a great little book. A good read, and some fab projects. I am a E.Z. devotee.
    I really love the new glasses. Best frames ever ! Dare I say Spectacular ?! Ha, ha!


  2. OK… Lovely camera, mine is the same as your old one, but I do yearn for a better zoomy one. However, I am such a terrible photographer…… I borrowed that book from the Library, I was amazed they had it.
    Nice glasses. I get a new pair every year, I have a little collection now for spares as I am always losing them.
    So you weren’t in the pink with your big Flamingo up?? I suppose we would have an Emu up!!!


  3. My, you are sounding perkier!

    Canon are the best digital cameras, IMHO. I’m still using my Ixus 430 which I’ve had for about 4 years now and have no wish to change!

    I need to get new glasses…. yours look fab! Clearly I’m out of touch with how funky they can be these days…


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