FO: Hollywood “Feather” Boa

FO: Hollywood “Feather” Boa

A.K.A. – a fun fur scarf – the horror! shocked

vegan feather boa 005

Name: “Feather” Boa
Pattern: Scarf by “Knitwise, Pricewise”.
Size(s): Stretched length-ways = (15 cm) x (205 cm), Stretched width-ways = (30 cm) x (120 cm)
Yarn: Unnamed polyester “specialty” yarn from my local yarn shop.
Needles: 10 mm bamboo straights.
Knitting style: English. Flat (in rows).
Recipient: Me
Modifications: I couldn’t find a pair of the 12 mm needles call for, so I substituted a pair of 10 mm.
Notes: A confession – never in a month of Sundays would I have picked this kit for myself. It was a birthday present from my dad (and I know how much he paid for it!). However, I love it. It makes me feel very glam and it does its job as a scarf, too. I’m going to have to re-do the fringe because the yarn is so slippy it’s coming loose.

vegan feather boa 009 vegan feather boa 008 vegan feather boa 007 vegan feather boa 006

vegan feather boa 003 vegan feather boa 002 vegan feather boa 001

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