FO: Calorimetry

FO: Calorimetry

Just the latest in a very long line of these babies on The Internets.

Doing the moody MySpace-thing:

cali 005

Playing with my new image programme:
cali 015

Name: Calorimetry ear warmer/half hat
Pattern:Calorimetry, Kathryn Schoendorf, Knitty Winter 2006 issue
Size(s): To fit 23″ head
Yarn: Aran-weight King Cole Fashion Aran from “Thimbles” (my local crack yarn dealer supplier
Needles: 5mm, bamboo, straight
Recipient: On a need-to-know basis only, sorry!
Modifications: I cast on 88 stitches instead of the pattern’s 120 because the girls over at Craftster said that it was coming out waaaaaay too big. I also only did 6 sets of short rows and not the 15 in the pattern, again based on the experience of the finished objects at Craftster.
Notes: I’m very pleased with this, and I hope the recipient will be as well. Not including interruptions and rest breaks, it took me about an hour and a half to do (plus 10 minutes finding the right button!). I love it so much, I’m going to make one for myself exactly the same!

cali 004 cali 001 cali 016

This is the second one I made (finished last night whilst watching Dolores Claiborne):

cali2 001 cali2 009 cali2 002 cali2 007

I did seven sets of short rows and used a different button!


6 thoughts on “FO: Calorimetry

  1. I have been seeing a spate of these. Love your moody teenage look!! I think you have that down pat!!! The right button is SO important, and wouldn’t you know, I always like the most expensive ones!! I have a panta but I might need one of these too, yours is lovely!!!


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