Here’s a gauntlet

Here’s a gauntlet

I’m throwing it down.

I like wooden/bamboo needles, especially when working with slippery yarn. I also like them because they are light and warm and don’t hurt my hands. However, when working with wool or other “sticky” yarns I have to work harder and it almost negates using the wooden needles in the first place. Here’s my challenge to anyone out there – I need a smooth metal-like needle that is light weight and is not cold to the touch – is there such a material?

Turkish-style socks part deux:

iris garden 10-01-07 1 iris garden 10-01-07 2

Instep and sole of the re-designed sock.

I had to add four stitches to the foot chart (making 8 extra stitches over the whole sock) and I had to make a judgement call. If I’d added the stitches in the chevron pattern I would have needed to re-chart the whole thing to add more rows as well as stitches. I decided to just work the extra stitches in a checkerboard pattern (you can just see it on the left-hand photo above).
For comparison, here is the original attempt at slightly further along:

iris garden 04-12-06 002

The new leg pattern proved even more challenging because I decided to add a further 4 stitches to the sock (making a total of 76 stitches in the leg) just to make sure it would be wide enough for my semi-cankles. More of that in a later post, when you can actually see a difference!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I had a nice quiet day and I got presents (my favourite part of birthdays):

scarf kit and darning mushroom

My knitting-related gifts were a scarf kit my dad picked out all on his ickle own (ahhhh….) and a wooden darning mushroom. Apparently, there are rarer than hen’s teeth those things (especially in Britain) but my folks came through and, in the words of Carrieoke, I’m a happy schmoo 🙂

Part of the reason my dad got the scarf kit is because he loves the feel of the yarn (like having a pet but without the vet bills and the poo!) – so I’m going to charge per stroke 😀

And now, because I caught the cold that everyone’s had, I’m going to snuggle up in a fleece blanket, listen to The Archers and play computers games.

9 thoughts on “Here’s a gauntlet

  1. Your socks le deux look so much better!! The first one looks like a pale imitation. It was Peri’s birthday yesterday, she was a big 5!! There were no knitting presents, she preferred a bone!!! A scarf would be an excellent pet: you can take it for a walk, and pat it and it doesn’t need the Vet or any feeding!!! Glad you had a nice day and hope the cold wanes soon…..Peri sends you a big lick and a wiggly waggly cuddle!!!


  2. Happy 2007! Your sockies are lovely. I’ve found Crystal Palace bamboo dpns to be the least sticky with wools… Bryspuns behave pretty well too. I’m certain I would poke holes in my fingertips with metal dpns.

    And on a sci-fi note, we dug out our copy of ‘The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra’ over the holidays – have you seen it? B-movie spoof perfection.


  3. Great looking socks.

    Addi makes needles that look like brushed aluminum. (I don’t know the actual material.) They have a bit more grip that a slick metal needle but not as much as a wooden needle. I bought mine from Woodland Woolworks but I don’t know if they still carry them. Another possibility is rosewood needles. I bought a set from Loopy Ewe. Not cheap but not break the bank expensive either.


  4. I’m glad that you had a good birthday. The 2nd version of the sock looks great. I don’t know if my needle suggestion would be helpful. I like knitting my socks with Pony Purls dpns. They are made with plastic with some type of metal inside of it, making the dpns flexible but won’t break. They are not too expensive, but many feel the points aren’t pointy and don’t like them for picking up stitches.


  5. My all time favorite-for-comfort sock needles are Bryspun! They stay warm, are flexible, and have wonderful scoopy points that tight knitters like me appreciate.
    Belated birthday wishes to you, and hope that snuggling up made the cold go faster. I live in a part of the US that rarely sees snow and we have several inches today, all over our metro area. Everyone slows down and goes outside to make a snowman!


  6. HI Amy P.
    I have the broadband and for some reason now I can get to your new blog!!!!
    The scarf kit looks nice. That is about the most “knitty” comment I am qualified to make.


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