ASBO Chic: Burberry hoodie

ASBO Chic: Burberry hoodie

Ironic Fashion.

A brief history for those who don’t know: an ASBO, a Chav, the Hoodie and Burberry.

And now enjoy my little creation:

fleece modelled front moody

More details (pattern, fabric source, notes and mods) beyond the cut … and a cake!

Bad face day:

fleece modelled  front noface

fleece modelled side noface

Name: Burberry Hoodie (a.k.a. ASBO chic)
Pattern: Simplicity 9513, view C (Pattern no longer available)
Size(s): Simplicity size 18
Fabric: “Burberry” Fleece
Fabric source:
Recipient: ME!!!!
Modifications: I cut a size smaller than that suggested by the pattern, to give a more fitted look (it has 6″ of ease when finished, and that’s a bit too much for my tastes).
I also altered view C from a pullover to a jacket by not cutting the front piece on the fold and adding a centimetre to each side. I then created a facing and inserted a zip.
Notes: I love my chav jacket. It’s warm and snuggly and it’s a perfect birthday present to myself! Happy Birthday to me …. 😀

Some thumbnails of the details:

fleece hem detail fleece hood fleece seam fleece back fleece front

Click on the pictures to be taken to Flickr where you can view larger version of these images, and more of my photos.

Here’s a view of the cake I made myself (it’s easier because I get what I want and I know what’s gone in it!)

My 2007 birthday cake - side My 2007 birthday cake - top

Help yourself to a slice! 😀

6 thoughts on “ASBO Chic: Burberry hoodie

  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Hope you have/had a great day!!!
    Knew a chav(Dr Who and Billie reinforced that!!) we have AVOs and Burberry the coat people?, and a hoodie!!! It is a lovely anachronism your top!! I wish I could do that blocking out my face thing in real life sometimes. The Labradors say thanks for the cake!!!


  2. Hi,

    I’m trying to find sources of the Burberry style fabric you used to create your hoodie – CheapfabricsUK doesn’t carry this anymore. Nappies by Minke is the only source I’ve found, but they only sell five 1/2 metres at the most, and it’s expensive.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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