Welcome refugees from Blogger

Welcome refugees from Blogger

I’m glad you all made it! There may be some kinks to work out, but pretty much everything is here.

If there’s anything missing from the old one that you’d like to see here, just leave me a comment. Javascript doesn’t work with WordPress, so there wont be any project trackers. I’ve created a page (link at the top right) for works in progress with tumbnails of the items where available plus a short description and percentage progress.


8 thoughts on “Welcome refugees from Blogger

  1. Thank goodness this isn’t Austraila, or I’d be in a detention camp already!!! Yes, the Blogger(Blugger) Beta upgrade. If there was ever an oxymoron, that’s it!!! Happy New Year, Happy New Blog and good luck with the Chocolate sock!!!


  2. I think you’ll enjoy WordPress. I’ve been using since I first started blogging (though hosting it on my own site) and there has been a bit of learning curve, but it beats the other services IMHO.

    Happy new blog warming!


  3. I’m thinking of switching over too. I found you and I’ll update my feed with Bloglines. Bummer about the javascript, but I couldn’t get it to work in the new blogger, but I like the idea of a page too. I think I’m doing it too!


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