Z is for

Z is for

Zygote. What’s a zygote, I hear you ask? Well, it’s two fused gametesobviously!

Early-stage zygote sketch by moi.

I thought this was a particularly fitting final entry for my ABC Along, because it represents the start of life at the beginning of a new year (ya know, the old alpha and omega whatsit). It’s also fitting because I’m now done and dusted with my biology degree. I am no longer an undergraduate. Eep.

I’m going to publish the full A to Z list for the ABC Along 2006 on the last day of this year, just to round things off nicely. There will also be at least one more FO to share before then, possibly two, or even three – ooh, I’m a tease!

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3 thoughts on “Z is for

  1. Let’s call the Zygote Janus!! Did you hear about the Komodo Dragons’ parthogenesis?? Very cool, esp. this tme of the year!! I know Turkeys do it, but Komodo dragons??? Nice dedication for the whole A-Z!!!


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