FO: Checked shirt

FO: Checked shirt

checked shirt on me 1

checked shirt on me 2

The dancing shot – a la Becky

checked shirt on me 3

Checked shirt - side seamChecked shirt - collarChecked shirt - security pocket openChecked shirt - back flat

More photos on Flickr here

Name:Black and White checked shirt
Pattern: Simplicity 4171
Fabric: Viscose/polyester blend
Fabric source: My local haberdashers
Modifications: Shortened the length (to change it from a shirt dress to a shirt) and cut it smaller in the waist and larger in the upper arm as usual. Added a security pocket in the right side seam to fit my travel pass and some loose change.
Notes: I love it! The pattern is one with three cup sizes so you don’t have to do the hard work yourself! Ignore the measuring instructions in the booklet. I came out as a C-cup – HA! I could have done with a tad more room in the busom area (I’m wearing a minimiser in the photos so it looks better) but apart from that it’s all good!

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5 thoughts on “FO: Checked shirt

  1. Yey – well done! Looks a good fit, too. Reminds me that I need to do some sewing. Would help if I hadn’t sold my sewing machine….


  2. That looks great, Amy! I like that it is fitted and the black and white print is great.


  3. Nice job! I really ought to geet back to dress making on my sewing machine. these days the only thing i use it for are dance costumes.


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