I am normal?

I am normal?

I’ve been prodded, poked, had blood taken and stuck my head inside a giant magnet, and apparently I’m “normal”. Part of me is relieved that they haven’t found anything (specifically no spinal chord compression like my mum, which was my biggest fear) but I’m also dissapointed because … well … they’ve not found anything?!

Reader questions answered:

Only with a banana
And yes.
Seriously though, Emma (the one that’s moved to France, not the one in the north-east of England) asked if I knew my degree classification yet. I can work it out manually, but can’t be bothered. It should be a 2.2 (where 1 is the best, 2.1 is what most people get, and 3 is the lowest). Given all the problems I’ve had during this degree (my cruddy health, my mum’s worsening condition, my grandad dying) I’ll take it!
2Paw – yes, the OU is the Open University. They are lovely in all their loveliness and I love them.
April – yes, 7 years is a long time. A very, very long time!

Knitting? On a knitting blog?

Surely not!

Top-down hat in lemon and red Rowan Cashsoft DK {commence drooling over yarn}
bagpuss baby hat
baby hat 13-12-06 006
baby hat 13-12-06 003

Up next will be some mittens and booties for Baby F (in case anyone was wondering, that’s not her actual name.)
I got some craft fabric for … well, crafting. Can’t say anymore about specifics in case CERTAIN PEOPLE are reading this. All will be revealed in good time.
I also got an amazing pair of cuffs from France as part of yet another Craftster swap (somebody stop me). I’ll show just one of them here, but more photos can be seen here.

cuff swap 007I’ve nearly finished the black and white check shirt (just the buttonholes and buttons to do) so that should be the next thing up. Something to look forward to?

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2 thoughts on “I am normal?

  1. OMG, I love the fabric, especially the geisha one! Where did you get it/what company is it from?(as if I didn’t had enough already 😉

    That cuff is amazing! Can’t really help you on the new swap addiction, I’m having it too.


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