Random Monday

Random Monday

No overriding theme, other than knitting, really!

Biting the dust:

Enjoy it while it’s here
Iris Garden sock 1

It doesn’t fit. I’m not sure if it’s the stranding on the lettering section or whether I need to go up another needle size, but the top section will be coming out. I’ll get the heel done first (the gaping hole in the middle of the sock in the picture above).


I’ve tidied up the project tracker in the right-hand menu of the blog. I’ve removed the non-active projects, or ones that I know I won’t finish. I’ve also added a new article …

Chunky lass:

This swatch

top-down asymmetric jacket swatch 1

is for this top-down jacket (first spotted over at Craftster). I’m using Sirdar Denim Chunky and crossing everything I can that I will have enough yarn to finish it. Kate (Zeitgeist) reckons on about 915 m (1000 yds) of chunky. I have 750 m (820 yds). I’m bigger than her. Even my brother could do the maths on that one. I am working the lace much looser than she is, but I may have to do the lower hems in another yarn (already on standby, just in case!).


WooHoo! I call this progress!

argyle scarf as of 11th Dec 2006

My dad may have a scarf for Christmas.

Breaking my own rules:

I have some un-written, un-spoken rules for this blog (no religion, swearing, politics, naughty bits, pets, or babies), so of course I’m about to break one:

My First Cousin (TM):
baby F

I am a biased – she is adorable.

It’s going to be a tough week (my mum and more tests are involved) so I’ll probably see you for the final ABC Along entry. TTFN (ta-ta for now).

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6 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. She IS adorable! Definitely worth the exception to the rule. Too TOO bad about the top of the sock having to come undone =( I hope you only have to do that once. The argyle scarf is looking REALLY nice!

    PS – I don’t think I’ve looked at my progress bar in MONTHS! Maybe I should do that? hahaha


  2. Fardles, boogelly sock!! Have you tried the ankle test? Apparently your fist approximates quite closely the size of your ankle. I have tried this, if my fist fits the sock, so will my ankle!! Oh, I knit like that, not enough wool, but I plough on regardless!!! Lovely argyle. Hope the week goes well…


  3. Loads of knitting going on – good stuff! I don’t have rules like you for my blog (pets and swearing appear frequently) but the baby thang I’d agree. And likewise, I’ll one to blog soon shortly (but not mine, obviously. Baby, that is)


  4. Bad sock! That is what I am afraid of also on my first stranded sock attempt….

    Love that sweater – I’ll have to print out the pattern (and check Craftster more!)


  5. Well, congratulations, she is a beauty! Great progress on your dad’s scarf too. Love that argyle. Hope all is well with your mum.


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