X is for

X is for


I’ve had several of these babies in my time; many times for my teeth and a couple for my hip. I was going to try and get hold of my x-rays, but I’m not sure you can actually do this. Instead, I provide you with how I would look if x-rayed by a child:

x ray skeleton
I’d still have pretty hair.

It’s a real shame that my MRI tomorrow isn’t a CT scan (MRIs aren’t x-rays, unfortunately). All jokes regarding looking for my brain and not finding it can be sent to …. laughingblue

ETA: Well, all of the electrons in my brain and neck have been well and truely messed with. There were a couple of hairy moments, but I managed it. Not the best thing that’s ever happened to me in a hospital, but not the worst! I’m now cream crackered and a little wobbly (in leg and lower lip) so there is now some serious resting in progress! I thought about knitting techniques whilst I was in the tube. Not surprising, really! Thanks for the good wishes.

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4 thoughts on “X is for

  1. Yes, very pretty hair!!! I like least the scans/X-rays where you have to drink something absolutely horrid. Here we get our X-rays and scans and stuff to keep. I end up throwing them out.


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