Warning: cliched blog fodder ahead!

Warning: cliched blog fodder ahead!

I did give ample bracing time by mentioning it in my last post, so there are no excuses for anyone being surprised.

Fab haircut …
cliched blog fodder 1

… with a twist!
cliched blog fodder 2


philosophers wool kit 2
Purchased from the Yahoo Yarn Co-op Group, a vest kit from Philosopher’s Wool in the “Hollyberry” colourway. I originally planned to do the Timber Frame vest (because of the nice vertical lines and because it looked fairly simple) but I’m being swayed by the Trillim/Pansy design. I’m planning on introducing waist shaping to the vest (or rather the waistcoat) simply because I have a waist and I don’t want to hide it! Any ideas on which would suit me? All suggestions will be greatfully recieved.

Iris Garden Socks

Progress so far:
iris garden 25-11-06 002

How I see it when I’m knitting
iris garden 25-11-06 001

I’m knitting it “inside out” to help keep the yarn floats loose. I’ve tried it on and it does actually fit! There aren’t different stitch numbers for each size, you just use a larger needle. I’m not a fan of this method (normally) but for this pattern it is some what necessary because the pattern would have to be completely re-written for each size.
The yarn is some Regia striping one in wool and nylon. Helpful, aren’t I?!

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4 thoughts on “Warning: cliched blog fodder ahead!

  1. Oh you’re a hair model!! All that flippiness and colour!! Very swish!!! The sock is so beautiful. All those tiny stitches and there is a complicated coloured pattern. Too hard for me!! I shall think of the IGS as my Ashes. You can be 626 runs ahead on the sock, and I’ll be 626 runs ahead on the cricket.
    On the Sknitts front?? Could be!!! Very possibly!!!


  2. Love the hair! The colours for you Iris sock are very similar to mine 🙂
    I’m using up the remains of some Trekking in blues on a Navy blue background.Only problem is – I haven’t found time to start it yet!


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