Not a divorce, just a separation.

Not a divorce, just a separation.

Now, me and Tubey haven’t really been spending a lot of time together recently. Other projects, both newer and older, have come between us. I’ve finally realised why; it’s just not working out.

I was planning on making it into a cardigan, and I’d already modified the sleeves, but it just wasn’t holding my interest. I have an idea for the yarn, but that’s way in the future. So for now, it’s going back into the stash.

Is this good news? Yes it is. This means I’ve freed up my Denise needles set so I can start this top:

Cotton Angora top design (mine)

cotton angora top design
The sketch

cotton angora top text
The start of some actual numbers

My inspiration came from Ms. Marigold and a design by Stef Glampyre. As soon as I’ve finished my dad’s :cough: birthday :cough: scarf, I’ll cast on. My dad’s birthday is in May. It’ll either be really early, or really late.

Sewing? Not really.

I made this electric-blue fleece scarf:

fleece scarf 1
fleece scarf 2
The easiest scarf in the world!

I think it took me a maximum of 5 minutes (4 of which were taken up with trying to find my scissors!) It’s a perfect kids project because as long as you trust them with scissors, you’re good to go!

I heart Craftster!

Check out what I got in the Hogfather swap:

hogfather swap 001

Many more pictures are here. I didn’t do anywhere near as much as this for “ZaftigMomma”, so I’m actually going to make her something that was on my original plan, but that I didn’t think I had enough time for.

I’ve cast on for the “Iris Garden” socks, and I managed the toe in two days (something of a miracle for me lately). Emma – I don’t know if the Snake Skin Socks a.k.a Scaly Skin Socks pattern is available outside of the Yahoo Group. The designer is Michelle Fischer over at Soap Fiber Gal, you could ask her I suppose.

Oh, and I have shiny new hair. More on that cliched blog-fodder later!

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3 thoughts on “Not a divorce, just a separation.

  1. Stab, stab, stab, stab!!!!!!!!
    I have new hair with foily colour things in it: well, all one colour and subtle. Not green either.
    Oh vale Tubey, but you are so clever with the pictures and the designing!!! At sewing someone made a rug like the scarf with 2 pieces of polar fleece.. No sewing at all!!
    PS I like your see through skirt!!!


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