W is for

W is for


Over the last seven years of my degree (results the week before Christmas) I’ve done a lot of writing. The result? A pad of hardened skin on the middle finger of my right hand.

W hands
Evidence of a hard life [snark]! You can see a difference (I promise) if you go to the Flickr page and have a peek at one of the larger photos. EDIT: I’ve now remembered to make the photos “public” as opposed to “private”. Oops!

The pad used to be bigger than this. I use computers much more than I used to, for example at primary and secondary school, and so it’s gone down.

My handwriting changes with my level of health and also with the type of pen I use. I have found it more ledgible with a fountain pen when compared to a ball point. Mid-way would be a pencil, but I tend to smudge it!

writing example
An example of my hand writing.

This entry is linked to “Q is for Quill“, in which I wax lyrical (not really) about fountain pens.

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3 thoughts on “W is for

  1. Yes!! I have a dent and a callus on my right index finger from 34 years of pencil/pen grip writing at school. 34 years of school: Wow!!!
    Nice hands though!! Very nice!!


  2. I have a gnarly disfigured middle digit from writing. It’s a little less noticeable than before, but it’s mostly permanent. Even the nail grows in all wonky, but grip those things way too hard, can’t stop it no matter how hard I try.
    (the flickr photo wouldn’t let me see it)

    I wonder if the fountain pen writes nicer b/c you don’t have to jam it into the paper so hard to get it to work? less stressful? hmmmm deep thoughts hahaha


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