Close, but no cigar

Close, but no cigar

As Monica said to Bill! {snarf}

SSS 31-10-06 1

SSS 31-10-06 2

Progress on the second Snake Skin Sock (or the SSSS or S^4)

So, I didn’t manage to finish a pair of socks during Socktober – never mind! I’ve really enjoyed looking through all of the photos posted to the Flickr group. However, I did manage to acquire some sock yarn though!

sockyarn 005
Kiwi tonal and Evergreen tonal from Socks that Fit.

These are for a sock pattern that’s been bouncing around in my head for about a year! They’ll be destined for my mum, at some point.

I’ve made progress on the Mystery Shawl border (although I’ve managed to make a mistake in the stitch counts I did to show myself that I was making progress. Never mind, it should all work out eventually!

mystery shawl 2 31-10-06
Well, I’m now going to sit in the dark and pretend I’m not home in the hope that this silly Trick or Treat nonsense will go away if I close my eyes and wish hard ehough! (I’m a fun person to be around, I really am!)

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3 thoughts on “Close, but no cigar

  1. Socktober, Schmoctober!! What beautiful sock wool. No need to hide here: Halloween Trick or Treaters her at all. We had a Halloween Knitting Coven (How appropriate!) with Ghost Meringues, Candy Corn and a Gingerbread Haunted House though!! Do UKers really celebrate Halloween???


  2. Yep. No tricks or treats here. No requirement to provide the dead beat neighbourhood kids with treats they don’t deserve.
    I did scare my class for Halloween….I told them they would all be in my class again next year as well. A mixed bag of responses….some thought it a great treat( silly fools) and some though the Spanish Inquisition ( that no one ever expects) would be a better prize. They really really hoped that was a trick .


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