Given that I’ve felt like death warmed-up for the past week I haven’t done an amazing amount of crafting. I’m very aware of the irony surrounding my current situation; I am finally well enough to go into my local town center and … I catch something. I’m not laughing, universe. Anyway, I was involved in another Craftster swap and if you’re vaguely interested the relevant posts are here (my parcel to her) and here (her parcel to me). I’ve also signed up for another one, this time a Discworld Hogswatch/Hogfather one!

Is it Shawltoberfest?

I have managed to make (significant?) progress on the Mystery shawl:

Mystery Shawl 2 progress as of the 14th of October
mystery shawl 2 15-10-06
mystery shawl 2 15-10-06 2

Comparing it to the last progress shot, and bearing in mind that I’m increasing four stitches every other row, I’m very pleased with the rate I’m going.

Ah, Socktoberfest

When I picked up my mum’s sock on Thursday evening, I realised that I hadn’t worked on it in over a week! Great way to celebrate the month of Socks!

Progress on the second sock:
SSS 15-10-06
Luckily, these seem to fit her (although she could just be lying). I’m dissapointed with the cast off though. It’s no where near as stretchy as the (same) cast off I used on my Dimple Socks. Curious.

Well, I’m off to make wholewheat, handmade pizza and listen to England losing yet another cricket match

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3 thoughts on “Shawltoberfest?

  1. What a lovely swap!! Very beautiful crafted things!!! The Mystery Shawl is looking..less mysterious and your mum’s socks are looking fine. I steer clear of Toe Ups mainly because of the holes in the heels and the cast off!!!
    Are you ready for Beach Cricket???? I am a bit worried it will be geriatrics in short shorts!!
    Hope you feel less cursed by the Universe catching-things-wise soon!!!


  2. Sorry you’ve been sick =(( That stinks. I have the cast of non stretchy problem too – also the cast ON non stretchy problem, except this time – these socks I did it really stretchy… curious. I’d make a terrible Vulcan, but I love saying it anyway. Socks look great so far, I’m glad they fit! yaay


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