No turning back

No turning back


I sent the examinable component of my last university course today. I can’t get it back now. That’s it. The next thing I’ll hear about it is when the postcard stamped by the university saying it got there safely arrives with me sometime next week. The result should be available the week before Christmas.

All of that work didn’t stop me shopping or crafting though …

Fabric ‘n’ whatnot:

I’ll be making a shirt tunic (not a shirt dress) from the black and white fabric. The tartan-look stuff I got for free from the shop owner – the advantage of shopping locally and nattering!

fabric 002

check fabric buttons
Large buttons (left) or small (right)?

Star Swap:

I’m involved in a swap on Craftster and this is what I made for my swap pal:

star swap 1
needle roll 1
needle roll 2

The Royal Fail Mail managed to loose the parcel that was coming to me, so my partner is (as we speak) making another. I feel really sorry for her – it’s both our first swap as well. Maybe I should have warned her about my (undeserved) bad swap karma?

Snake Skin Socks:

Progress here also:

snake skin socks 20-09-06

I think that’s everything. It’s been a tough week for me personally and so I’m off to spend some time with my mum and knit. Perfect.

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5 thoughts on “No turning back

  1. I like the bigger button with that plaid. I had something else to say, but it wouldn’t let me comment when it was in my head, sorry =(

    cool sock and yaay on the final paper!


  2. Big Buttons I think…but I have to warn you that when I initially looked at the picture I thought it was 2 pink and black ear-rings hanging up. Maybe my advice is a little suspect!!!!
    Yay on the exams though I hope the Mail is better about getting it to the Uni than they are about your craft swap.


  3. Good luck! You finished it, now the waiting ensues. I like the plaid fabric and the bigger button. I hope spending time with your mum and knitting does just the trick for you.


  4. Yeah! Good luck with the waiting!

    I can’t wait to see the new threads, I love the fabric!


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