R is for

R is for



No more recent photos but it now looks much the same, only with added fungi! It’s supposed to have red flowers (like the county I live in) but it’s never flowered. I told it last winter that if it didn’t buck up it’s ideas I was going to move it. The leaves you see above are as a result of that telling off.

Feet measuring update: some interesting early results, but I need more data. I’m looking at getting nearer to 20 data sets so if you haven’t already grabbed a tape measure, go to this post and measure away! Thanks. For those that are interested, I’m using The Spearman Rank correlation (or The Spearmint Rhino correlation as I call it!).

Oh, and I’ve (well, my dad has) fixed my blog code, so it should look spiffy in all most browsers and in all most systems.

And I’ve got a 500 word conclusion to write for the 5000 word essay I’m still tinkering with. Due date? Week ending the 22nd AT THE LATEST. Gulp.

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2 thoughts on “R is for

  1. Oh good MrsDrWho was wondering if you needed more feet!! You really need The Luggage!! My roses are in full leaf now. This year they were pruned and then almost immediately started growing again!!!
    Good luck with the conclusion. Not far to go now…


  2. I love growing roses, my new one didn’t make it thru the heat when I was gone. (I forgot to ask someone to water it) but I have two miniture roses that are doing ok. I put coffee grounds on my roses, they love it. But then again, I always speak sweetly to my flowers. =)) hahahaha


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