A little science in your living room

A little science in your living room

Or dining room. Or on your front porch!

A little background: my mum reckons that we (me and her) have an unusually wide heel depth in comparison to the rest of our feet. I would like to approach this in a scientific manner, and so I need some external help.

I need three measurements: heel depth, foot circumference and ankle circumference. I have ably enlisted the help of my foot to demonstrate what I mean (but use a tape measure not a piece of elastic like I did!)

First, catch your foot. Geeky sock optional
foot measure 1


Measurement 1:
foot measure 2


Measurement 2:
foot measure 4


Measurement 3:
foot measure 3

I’d love it if you could take these three measurements (with foot length/shoe size optional) and email me or leave me a comment. These can be in centimetres or inches, and the shoe size can be European/UK/US/Japanese/Klingon – I have the power to do the conversion. Well, a clever little table, anyway! I’ll then do some magical jiggery-pokery with some stats software and I’ll see if there is any correlation! Yes, I’m a geek. This is an established fact, and I’m fine with it. Really, I’m fine with it.

NOTE: results can be viewed in this post.

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10 thoughts on “A little science in your living room

  1. #1: 10 inches
    #2: 7.5 inches
    #3: 7.5 inches

    Foot length, 9 inches
    Boot size, Euro 36

    Are you going to find the standard deviation too? I’m getting giddy…


  2. My measurements are as follows:

    #1 – 30 cm
    #2 – 20.5 cm
    #3 – 21 cm

    I wear a size 7 or 6.5 (Canadian/US) and the length of my foot is 23.5 cm.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your analysis!


  3. geeky knitting statistics — how excellent!

    #1: 13″
    #2: 9″
    #3: 9″

    foot length = 10″


  4. I’ll help the geekiness!
    1: 11.5″
    2: 8″
    3: 9″
    foot length = 9″ (UK size 4)

    I hope that helps to give significance to your hypothesis!


  5. Will the results change building regulations ?????
    1- 29 cm
    2- 22 cm
    3- 24 cm

    length 21.3 cm

    Does that hinder or help.
    Be warned…I was left alone to do the measuring and I am generally not allowed to operate mathematical machinery on my own!!!


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