Q is for …

Q is for …

Quill! Well, OK, not quite a quill, but it’s successor: the fountain pen.


I discovered I preferred using a fountain pen to write a loooooong time ago. It really helps my handwriting, and if I use a biro it goes all Pete Tong!

I now have to try and remain calm as I inform my neighbours what their 17 year old daughter has been up to whilst they’ve been on holiday for the past 2 weeks. This is not going to be easy.

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4 thoughts on “Q is for …

  1. Ah! as the motherof a soon to be 17 year old daughter, the mind boggles!
    Our school still prefers the girls to use fountain pens ( if they are not using computers that is)


  2. I can see your pictures!!!Nice pens, ye olde worlde person. I am too messy to use fountain pens: ink everywhere. I shudder to think what was happening next door!!!


  3. Fountain pens….left handed peoples idea of hell !!!!
    I had one…..dont ask me why. Each page was a black ocean of smudge….and my hand. White board markers and chalk…same thing just more multi coloured.


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