Small scratch

Small scratch

EDIT: Apparently, Internet explorer doesn’t like my new fangled left align thing with the pictures. [insert weeping here]

bruises Well, I couldn’t very well say little prick, could I? Oops! Well, that bruise is the result of have four (or was it three?) vials of blood taken for a battery of tests. Yes, my good people I finally have a consultant! Woo hoo – happy dance! This neurologist is only the second specialist I’ve seen in fourteen years of being ill. The first one was a paediatritian. That’s how long ago it was!


Bonny Charms 24-08-06Bonny Charms is moving apace and I’m now on the armhole bit of the back. Have I mentioned that there’s an error in the chart in the magazine, and the numbers you end up with after the ribbing don’t add up to a full repeat.

Blob yarnThis is the HORRENDOUSLY ORANGE YARN I got to do the arigu.. agium.. those wee Japanese crocheted thingys. All I have to do is teach myself to crochet and how to design those crocheted doll-things. Easy. Right?

SSS 24-08-06 2Snake Skin socks have been started and put down frequently. The pattern is fairly easy to remember, but it’s just finding the time and energy to work on them.

Science news round-up:

o:Etna ready to go “Boom!”
o:Is the Liang Bua “Hobbit” really a new species?
o: Cows have regional accents!


library booksI love the library! Clockwise from top left: Sew Basic, Sashiko, M.E., Scottish Highlands and Islands, Making Knitwear Fit and 2oth Century Fashion.

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5 thoughts on “Small scratch

  1. Do they not use the little butterfly needle with a tube?? That is very cool!! I like that one. It might be me, but I can’t see any of your photos today. So here are my comments on the socks:

    And the books:

    And the orange yarn?? I’m speechless!!!


  2. That is seriously orange yarn! The baby sweater is comming on a treat – and don’t worry about the socks – I still haven’t finished my second one despite the flying start.


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