FO: Dimple Socks

FO: Dimple Socks

dimple socks finished

dimple - side view

dimple - side

dimple heel

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Yarn: Un-named 100% wool DK
Yarn Source: A Secret Pal 3 “Angel”.
Pattern: Dimple Socks by Kristi
Needles: 3.25 mm and 3.5 mm Brittany Birch double pointed needles from Elann.
Cast off/toe/heel: sewn/short row/toe-up with heel flap.
Modifications: I changed it to toe-up using these instructions.
Comments: This is a very well written, excellent pattern (I’m a little bit affiliated, because I read Kristi’s blog, she mine and I won this pattern in a competition she ran!) you can find here.

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4 thoughts on “FO: Dimple Socks

  1. Lovelly coloure! Would go quite along with my hair! And that patter reminds me of yarn over cables! Great knitting!


  2. Wow! I really, really love these socks – the pattern is so amazing, and so is the color you used! Great job done!


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