O is for

O is for


I’m not really a fan of the fruit (ask my brother how I drive him crazy with picking the pith out of every single sqaure centimetre of a segment) but I do like the colour. Need proof?

Orange Montage.
Top (l-r): Clapotis 2, Jaywalker, Mystical Creations Yarn, an orange with a hat!
Bottom (l-r): Brigitte cardigan, A purchased fabric top, Probability Tank top, Orangeena jumper.

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3 thoughts on “O is for

  1. That’s funny, because I’m the polar opposite with orange and oranges. Not such a fan of the color, but the fruit, I could eat all day, pith and all, I actually scrape the the pith off the skin on the really thick navel oranges. Sometimes I take a bite of the rind too =0)*)


  2. Orange you glad you like that colour. I’m allergic to oranges and I don’t think I have ever worn anything orange either. You do have a collection though.


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