Preston Montford: a photo journal

Preston Montford: a photo journal

Why was I there? See the end of the post.

All in chronological order (I think) with comments where necessary. These don’t tell the whole story; mainly because this is a public blog and there are some things I’d love to say, but I know that the people I want to talk about are perfectly capable of googling me! {sheepish grin} Click on any of the pictures for a larger view (some have additional comments).

View from Lyth Hill
lythe hill train2
With steam train.

Larger Lyth Hill view:
lythe hill2

Fenn’s Moss Peat bog:
To the right: An OU tutor bravely collecting samples. The day after, another tutor went up to their knee in it! Poor Yoseph!

Carding Mill Valley:
The orange box contains a “Dumpy Level”. Like a theodolite, but not quite. It was great fun doing the surveying.

The Long Mynd:
Like being at home! Carding Mill Valley is down and to the left in the picture.

My room with a view:

Having said that I can’t blog about people, I should (just in case they pop by) say HI! to Pen, Jon, Tony and Alan who were my group of victims friends for the last two days. And Hi to Eamonn and Mark (assistants to the stars – i.e. me and Pen!)

A few more photos in this Flickr set (including ones of the project site if you’ve come looking for them). And Tony – your handwriting is still awful and you never said “Goodbye” on Thursday nightsandstatic!

I turned word verification back on, because no sooner had I turned it off I got spammed! Sorry. If you have trouble with the extra typing or you have other problems, email me here (remove the words and replace with symbols where necessary).

EDIT: For Wanda (and everyone else!) I was at the Field Studies Council centre at Preston Montford in West Shropshire. It was a week-long field studies programme in Environmental Sciences from the Open University. Distance learning is great for me because I can study from home and take my time. However, there is a distinct lack of practical skills acquired this way and so the OU organise residential schools at bricks-and-mortar universities and centres like Preston Montford. This was my third resi school in total and my second at PM. The course covered a very wide range of subjects and they are listed here. It was hot (very hot) and hard work (very, very hard work) but it was definitely worth it!


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