N is for …

N is for …


As usual, first, the location:
northumberland map
OK, so the first one is a bit cheeky …

I stayed at a place called Featherstone Castle as part of a school trip. It was one of those “We’ll tell the authorities that it’s educational, but it’s really fun” trips. They don’t really do that any more, I don’t think. Anyway, these days my old school goes on ski trips!

featherstone castle
EARTHQUAKE!!!! Or shoddy camera work. Featherstone Castle done a great injustice by my lack of stillness!

My favourite part of the trip was going to Seahouses and then to the Farne Islands to see grey seals, puffins, and arctic turns. Go to this website here – their photo gallery is amazing!

farne islands montage
Montage of pictures (clockwise from top left).
1: cormorants (sp)
2: Seals (trust me)
3: Birds on a Rock
4: Puffin Nests.

hadrians wall montage
Left: Hadrian’s Wall and Right: The Tree from Robin Hood: Prince of Theives.

Everyone was incredibly friendly and, as an 11 year old girl, I felt very safe – we were even allowed to go off on our own (in groups of at least three) – something they would never do such a short time after!
As always, click on any of the pictures for a larger view, or go here to view the original photos.

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2 thoughts on “N is for …

  1. Oh Hadrian’s Wall and Kevin’s Tree!! I will have to tell Karen, she’s been there, and my other friends messaged me from the Wall a fortnight ago!!~ I live vicariously through other people!! Nice school excursion. I went to a convict island. No contest there!!!


  2. I think we did the self same trip when I was at school. I loved every moment, especially the boat across to the Farnes and watching the seals. Now, as a teacher, I cringe at the thought of all the things that could have happened to us:) and the risk assessment paperwork that would have to be undertaken to even think about such a trip these days.


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