Proof – if it were needed

Proof – if it were needed

That I’ve been working my little handknit socks off:

My pile of paper

Abstract: 241 words
Introduction: 510 words
Literature Review: just under 2000
My sanity? Worthless!

I wouldn’t mind, but if I weren’t going away on Friday, I’d have a full extra week to have this done. As it is, I’ve been working twice as long per day as I normally do. After my final check-through on Monday I may very well just stay in bed until Thursday (I do still have to pack!).

If anyone’s vaguely interested in my subject area, just drop me a comment and I’ll bore everyone to tears – hurrah! Cindy regrets asking, don’t you Cindy (mad look in Amy’s eye makes everyone back off).

Hum? What’s what? What’s that purple thing in the picture above? Erm … no idea what you’re talking about! You mean the sock-shaped thing? No, that’s not a sock! It certainly isn’t a Dimple Sock. Noooooo. No new knitting here. No. I’m all about the science right now. Yup.

And this isn’t a better picture of a purple DK-weight sock either. No.

Toe-up Dimple Sock

EDIT: The sock-I’m-not-knitting isn’t designed as toe-up, but I’m aiming to not-knit it until I get bored/run out of yarn – which ever is the sooner.

The original of the pile o’ paper picture is a mega 2080 pixels by 1544 pixels – and you can see the text. So if you’re sad bored curious, check it out!

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One thought on “Proof – if it were needed

  1. We all need a little (think sock) distraction when staring at a computer screen for hours on end! Good luck with the paper!


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