Worrying about worrying!

Worrying about worrying!

I’m neurotic. If I don’t have anything to worry about, I worry that I’ve got nothing to worry about! I think I was Woody Allen in a previous life! Anyway, ever since the road-trip-that-wasn’t I’ve been worrying about my mum. She has managed (just) another car journey since, but it’s all just blegh.

Anyway, I have 2000 words to produce by early next week (plus a 300 word abstract, plus a 500 word introduction) and then get ready for my field trip.

Oh, and it’s toooooooo hooooooooot. I never normally say that. My family have always accused me of being a cross between a cat and a reptile. Oi Vey!

EDIT: very little knitting. Too Hot! I’m aiming to finish cup-o-tea (thanks Cindy!) before I go away – it’s nylon yarn so it’s not too bad to knit with. Oh, and I realised that my finished lace sock is about one inch too short. So the toe’s coming out and I’ll add a few extra rounds of st. st. I think that’s it. Did I mention it’s 10 ‘o’ clock in the morning and it’s hoooooot. I did? Good!


4 thoughts on “Worrying about worrying!

  1. I know just what you mean about worrying. I’m a born worrier, I could worry for England 🙂
    Like you if I haven’t got something to worry about I worry about not having anything to worry about!


  2. Hello fellow worrier!! I worry too. I have learned that I worry obsessively BEFORE something, and I’m fine after (usually) so that helps a little bit. You realise that you will get it done, inspite and despite everything- I’ll bet you always do!! It is freezing here, we are having a really cold and sunny Winter and The Labradors and I are very happy!!
    PS Dr Who tomorrow at 6pm for me!! I am very excited. There is a TARDIS already there and a full sized Dalek coming!!!


  3. Hee heee! Are you sure we aren’t related? Sometimes, when things are going too good, I start to worry as to WHY things are too good.


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