M is for

M is for


EDIT: I’ve now made the photos “public” in Flickr, so if you were having any kind of problem with that, it should now be sorted! Carry on!

My maternal grandmother took me on my first foreign holiday (assuming you don’t count Wales and Scotland as foreign to England!) in April of 2003 (you know, the same time as SARS and the Iraq War!)

So, where is Malta?

Where in the world is Malta?
View clockwise from top left. Click on this picture to go to a page with links to the original print screens. The place I stayed is circled in red in the bottom left hand photo.

Malta Montage
Malta montage
Click on the photo to be taken to another view with links to the original photos, and some comments.

I also kept a travel log while I was there. A sample page is shown below:

malta journal
Click for a VERY large view of the page!

I nearly strangled my grandmother after 6 days with her, and I won’t even go into the non-appearance of my promised vegetarian meal on the flights, but all-in-all I had a nice (if exhausting) time.


3 thoughts on “M is for

  1. MMMMalta MMMMMarshmallows MMMMM the letter of the day, M – maybe I should watch less Seasame street and listen to more easy listening =)*)

    COOL pix! Must have been a very interesting trip.


  2. No vegetarian meals?? They are purported to be the ones worth having, and Halal – we have lots of Somali refugees living here. How cold was that?? Oh, Malta looks very interesting – and the English cricket team too!!


  3. I had to chuckle at the strangling your grandma comment, because as much as I love my dear sweet grandma I could just bang my head against the wall if I spend more than two continuous days with her. Bless her 🙂


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