My crutches and I went for a hobble

My crutches and I went for a hobble


What’s there?
frog 10-06-06 1

Ohh – a frog in an ice cream tub!
frog 01-06-06 2

Don’t try this at home – I’m a professional (idiot)!
frog 01-06-06 3

Bye, bye little frog.
frog 01-06-06 4

Click on any/all of the pictures for a larger view.


I need the 2.5 mm needles currently residing in Sugar Almond, so I’m knitting as fast as I can.

Then the needles will be occupied with June/July’s sock from the SixSox group, destined for my mum (at last, a pair of socks that will fit her).


I’ve cut out all the pattern pieces for the top for Sew? I Knit! but I I’m not able to sew for long periods of time because my knee seizes up if it’s in one position for anything longer than about 10 minutes. I just wanted to show the modifications I have to make to one particular piece.

sewiknit pattern piece before

sewiknit pattern piece after
Click on either picture to enlarge.

I think the “after” shot looks like a mummy with the amount of masking tape on it! That’s what you have to do if you are “blessed” with big boobs!

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4 thoughts on “My crutches and I went for a hobble

  1. Did I miss something Crutches! What did you do! Sympathies what ever it was I have just ditched the stick and I’m waiting to here what the physio has to say about starting exercising again


  2. We used to find frogs deep in the ground at home when I was little. Hope your knee is feeling better!! I too am ‘blessed’!!!!


  3. cute froggies =) 10 minutes at a time is slow going, yes? =( Good modifications tho, I think I’d have to go in reverse.


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