I’ve twisted my knee (again)

I’ve twisted my knee (again)


But before I proved myself an idiot again, I did this:

Sorting out my fabric stash
Fabric Stash29-05-06

That’s how I found the stripey shirt fabric for the “Sew? I Knit!” challenge.

Speaking of which:

Pattern pieces, masking tape, pencil, scissors and glasses
sewiknit pattern drafting 1

Essential for this:
sewiknit pattern drafting 2

Stuff I’ve seen around:

Wanda’s raglan jumper/sweater with lace detail and everything.
Cindy’s a-frickin’-mazing Dr. Who cardigan. I am so jealous.

Sugar Almond:

Needles in or needles out? What’s a good look for you?

sugar_almond 003

sugar_almond 002

The first gives a better idea of the colour, but they both give an idea of the look. When I finally pull my finger out and get knitting, I’ll offer this up for free on the blog (in multiple sizes) if anyone wants. Oh – they’ll be wristwarmers, by the way!

And finally …

Cindy – as much as I love playing comment tag with you, could you email me using the link in the left hand sidebar please. I’d love to talk Geek with you in private!

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5 thoughts on “I’ve twisted my knee (again)

  1. I hope your knee isn’t too bad (- I know all about knees at the moment:-)


  2. Twist your knee…like knee cap goes to the otherside of your leg?

    I had that happen way too many times and finally had what is called a patella-tendon relocation surgery and my knee has been perfect since, no more knee cap travelling for me.

    I hope your knee is better soon. 🙂


  3. For Wendy: Eeew, eewww, ewww! I meant that I probably sat funny or launched off it at a funny angle. But eewww! I don’t like knees. 🙂


  4. Sorry about your knee, I hope that it feels better soon. The wrist warmers look great and the yarn is beautiful. I love the detail at the wrist.


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