Still life with clematis

Still life with clematis

Clematis Montana with storm clouds

grasses 25-05-06 2

clematis 25-05-06

Taken this morning in my garden.

All the pictures are enlarge-able. The montage of Montana (clematis) has the original photo links in the description on the Flickr page. For the rest of the “All the Green Things” photo set click here.

And woo-hoo on the cricket!

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7 thoughts on “Still life with clematis

  1. beautiful photos and sooooooo green!
    My mum just brought a new camera and I promised myself, first sunshine and I’ll go out and make pics. Only I think the weather is not agreeign with me(all grey and grey!).


  2. Dear Amy, I love your green garden!! I went out yesterday and bought that pattern!! There was a 2 for the price of 1 deal, so soon, heaven help us all, I will be sporting a Labrador shaped bag!!!! I shall say it was your idea!!!!


  3. ooooooooH, how lovely

    Judith in Oz where the leaves have fallen, skies are grey, and the heater runs most of the day… and still it doesn’t rain


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