Jealous much?

Jealous much?

Well, yes I am, actually. I’ve been watching all these reports coming in from fellow bloggers about fibre festivals (or fiber festivals, since they are in the US!) and frankly, I’m a little envious. Luckily, green is a colour that suits me! I know that there is a sheep-related fesitival in Cumbria, but I don’t have the time/energy/money to go. So for the time being, I’m living vicariously.

The time …

A quarter to midnight on the 16th of May.
The place? In bed.
I had to try on the sock. The bane of my life. I didn’t know if it would fit. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get it over my heel.

slls 16-05-06

By the next day I was up to this:
slls 18-05-06
Glasses – check. Elizabeth Zimmerman – check. Darning needle – check. Sanity – huh? Wha?
Yesterday was my dad’s birthday.

Remember that I was knitting the argyle scarf for his birthday? No, neither do I. I’m thinking a wool scarf will be the ideal mid-summer’s present. When is the equinox?

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5 thoughts on “Jealous much?

  1. You’re just as green as I am!
    I don’t think there is anything even closely related to a fiber festival in Germany.
    Ah well, atleast our beer tastes better…


  2. Great colourway in that sock! Apparently there are some fibre fests here on Vancouver Island, but i’ve never made it to one. I did attend a Needlework festival in Dublin once 🙂


  3. What is a Fibre Festival??? We don’t have those here!!! Great sock – and great that it fits too!!!!!


  4. Yeah, I’m totally jealous, too, there are not very many of those near here. The cool ones are all up North. =( Not that I can afford to spend a mint on all that stuff at the moment, but I really want to go to one of these events just to look around.


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