J is for

J is for

journal 004

journal 005

journal 006

journal 007

journal 001

journal 002

journal 003

J Lancet screenshot


Click on any of the thumbnails to see what my scribblings say. Or click here for the “J” photoset on Flickr

For my main course this year I have to read, anaylse and summarise papers from scientific journals. In order to keep track of this, I also keep a “journal” or diary of my progress. In here go my notes on the papers, questions I need to ask my tutor, ideas for the final report and what I’ve done when.

When it’s done, the report will be 5000 words long (excluding abstract, references and contents).

I’ve created a slideshow of all the ABC Along photos, so if you haven’t seen them all, but would like to, just click the button below:
View slideshow

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One thought on “J is for

  1. WOW….that’s a LOT of work. Not that I had to tell you that, but…whoa!…..that’s a LOT of work!

    I talked about you and the Squeaky Weasles blog and pattern in my podcast this week =)*)

    cool post, I like how you arranged the clickable pics!


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