Insert witty and relevant title here

Insert witty and relevant title here

Sorry – I’m brain addled at the moment.
That’s what you get for studying I guess. Darned thirst for knowledge!

I bought (non-knitting) stuff:

03-05-06 005

03-05-06 004

03-05-06 007
Mocha cotton Military jacket (sorry for the bluuuuurrrry pictures!)

03-05-06 008

03-05-06 009

03-05-06 010
Denim jacket (apologies for the chins!)

I have always wanted a demin jacket (yes, I have high ambitions).
I like them for very different reasons – the denim is a slightly heavier material, but more shaped, but the military jacket has more pockets (always useful) – and couldn’t make up my mind as to which one to keep. After a brief talk with my fashion consultants (mum and brother) it was decided that I should have both.
I should add that at £25.00 and £13.00 respectively, neither would have bankrupted me! I’m frugal!

Oh, no, not again?!

acorn mk2 03-05-06
Acorn Version 2

Yes, it’s back!
Hopefully, this time it will work. My increadibly patient test-knitter Anne (who, by the way, should walk on water the way she’s been with me) and Kerrie (who after I apologised to a gazillion times, simply told me to take my time and not worry about it – too sweet for words) have both been great helps. I’m working up the smallest size and when it’s done it will be donated. I’ll then make up another version for my soon-to-be cousin.

How cool is this?

03-05-06 003

03-05-06 002

How can you not love a book that stands up for itself and has velcro on it! Expect me to be hooking any day now!

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2 thoughts on “Insert witty and relevant title here

  1. Those paper clips as stitch markers are great idea! Wish I could find mine – damn kids!


  2. I use paper clips to mark my row to count on from!! I can’t do stitch mearkers at all, I just knit them into my work, kind of OTT beading!!!
    Nice jackets , v inexpensive too!!!
    Great book, it’s kind of origami!! It looks to have very clear how-tos as well.
    Good luck with Acorn II ( Ahhhh that name just reminds me of Anne McCaffrey’s bad bad sad Acorn books. Hate them!! Sure I will like YOUIR Acorn though!!!)


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