Getting Shirty

Getting Shirty

Well, it’s a blouse, but y’know …

blouse front

blouse side

blouse back
Back – the hem is straight. I’m the one that’s wonky!

This is, without a doubt, one of the best fitting garments I have ever worn. Thanks to Burda, the ladies at my haberdashery and Sandra Betzina.

Pattern number: 3018
Company: Burda
Fabric: white cotton broidery anglais
Sizes used (not ready-to-wear equivalent): 20 (waist, back and upper chest), 22 (hips and bust) and 24 (upper arm).

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3 thoughts on “Getting Shirty

  1. very nice =) nothing like having something made FOR you specifically =) I’m wonky, too, btw… my mom noticed it when she was sewing for me =) scoliosis strikes again! lol


  2. Hi, hope you don’t mind random comments, I love your site 🙂

    What pretty fabric! I can never get things to fit either, that’s why I learnt/am learning to sew.

    I’m showing my Canadian-ness here: a haberdashery (checks to make sure that’s spelled right) is a fabric store, right?


  3. Lovely blouse,very nice sewing!!! I’ll have to look at the pattern sometime soon at the shops. Brace yourself : I once had a white broderie anglaise off the shoulder ‘gypsy top’ that I sewed. It was overprinted with tiny flowers. Isn’t the non-conformity of sizes annoying????


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