To kick things off

To kick things off

A big “Thank you” to everyone who left a comment about the I Do shrug – it made the rest of the week worthwhile (illness, idiocy, depression and self-doubt, basically!).


I’ve completed the heel gusset decreases and I’m progressing down the foot now. The initial plan for these socks (when they were going to be my mum’s) was to stop the patterning on the top of the foot because (1) it would be wasted because she rarely wears sandals and (2) the texture of the pattern might rub on the bits of her feet she can still feel. However, due to my shoddy memory, I forgot this completely and carried on my merry way.

Winning Stuff:

Mucho thanks to Lou for her “Spot the Difference” competition a few weeks ago. For being one the three people to enter (aww) she gave me this deep-blue-with-flecks-of-stuff fibre to spin:

And this really fresh-looking hand-dyed cotton/elastic sock-weight yarn:

Thank you, Lou!

My first yarn:

The last time I blogged about this was in about 10 B.C., but I’ve finally finished spinning the bright pink merino I got for Christmas-before-last.

I think it would be polite to describe it as a thick ‘n’ thin fashion yarn. I’ve now got to think of somthing to do with it.

Sew good:

After about a year of having this fabric and pattern, I’ve finally got around to sewing up this blouse:

Oh, yeah – I haven’t finished it yet (in the above shot it’s missing sleeve seams, collar, buttonband facing, cuffs and hems), but it’s getting better!

Pop ya collar – oh, yeah, I know hip-hop! I’m down wit the hommies, I am!!

Laters y’all (or words to that effect).

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3 thoughts on “To kick things off

  1. Dear Amy, who knows when Dr Who will arrive??? The ABC is very closed mouthed about it even though I send them lots of emails!! The BBC got very cranky when they allowed the ABC to screen the death episode of Ballykissangel on Christmas Day, and then because of the time difference, peole in Britain could find out what happened before it screened. Bah Humbug!!! I hope we get the Christmas episode first. I grabbed the cute little poster in the SFX of The New Doctor, in his pyjamas, Rose and some weird new monsters!!! We can but hope, and wear our Dr Who clothes and badges!!!!
    Love the socks!! I always make the pattern keep going, I like it. Do you all wear socks and sandals really?? No-one does here!!!!
    Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
    Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors


  2. I really like the pinks and purples in that sock yarn. As for the spinning, it may be thick and thin but, hey, it’s your first one and doesn’t everyone get it thick and thin at first. The blouse is looking lovely. I need to learn to sew ….. and spin ….. and …..


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