I Do Shrug from knitty

I Do Shrug from knitty

I Do front


I Do pose with plant
The model in the pattern was posing with a flower. I chose a broad bean plant instead.


I Do back2
The colour is really off on this one!


I Do back


I Do grafting detail


I Do pattern detail
Close up of the pattern detail.

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Item name: I Do shrug
Recipient: Me
Pattern: I Do from knitty.com
Yarn: Sirdar Breeze DK (60% cotton, 40% acrylic) 216 g total (approx. 622 yds/570m)
Needles: 4 mm straights (one sleeve metal, and the other bamboo)
Size: Erm … Mostly large I think!
Dates: June the 25th 2005 (!) to 28th of March 2006 (not constantly worked on).
Modifications: Yarn substitution and knit flat not in the round.
Notes and comments: After discovering that I couldn’t do purl lace in the round, I converted it to knit in the flat. In retrospect, I should have added two edge stitches (I would have made seaming it a heck of a lot easier).


13 thoughts on “I Do Shrug from knitty

  1. I have looked with want in my eyes at this shrug more than once…but maybe in the future….now I know who to hunt if/when I get stuck. Nice picture of a beatiful woman in a wonderful knit. I used to grow broadbeans long ago, they make wonderful soups when fresh….


  2. I think that’s the first shrug I’ve seen that I actually like!

    You are SO CRAZY the broadbean! PAAA HHHAAAA HAAAAAA! hilarious b/c the look on your face is so serious…. omg


  3. That look really pretty 🙂
    We must be psychic or something, my post today is about a shrug as well! ( but no broad beans I’m afraid


  4. Wow, it looks fantastic!
    I’ve eyed this pattern too, but the purls kept me from knitting it(and well all the other projects I’ve got on the needles).
    I may come back to you to ask stupid questions should I ever attempt to knit this shrug.


  5. Hi Amy,

    Gorgeous knitting on a gorgeous girl. Love your hair cut. The broad bean picture is hilarious!

    Virginia in Australia


  6. Your shrug is stunning on you Amy, well done!

    You asked about my Embossed Leaves socks…the pattern is from winter 2005 IK.

    Thanks for visiting!


  7. Hello from Austria! Wow, that shrug is truly beautiful, suits you perfectly indeed! I’m a lace-knit-addict and this pattern is so gorgeous!


  8. Lovely shrug and you look fab in it! Oh, and I think I prefer the broad bean – much more original and, besides, it made me smile and the flower didn’t. 😉


  9. Hi, I know it’s a long time since you knit this (it’s beautiful by the way, well done!) I am trying to knit one for my friend to wear on her wedding day and am coming up against major decrease obstacles!

    I know I’m supposed to decrease in a row that includes YO’s by simply omitting the first or last YO but I can’t get it to work. Because I am reducing the number of stitches in my row, I can’t then fit a whole pattern repeat in before I reach the end (am doing the right sleeve). Which means that on some rows I’m having to decrease more than one stitch without even omitting a YO (e.g. the pattern is [S1-k2tog-psso, k4, yo, k1, yo, k4] around and by the time I’ve done S1-k2tog-psso I’m at the end of the row and have decreased by 2 stitches…)

    Am I making any kind of sense?! I hope so because it’s driving me crazy! Any help gratefully received!



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