I’m so conventional

I’m so conventional

lovely lace socks 1 progress 21-03-06
Top-down, double pointed needles, heel flap. What’s wrong with me?

This is the first of a pair of Simply Lovely Lace Socks from the Spring edition of Interweave Knits, for my mum, in Opal Cotton. My mum’s birthday in on the 30th of this month. Can I make it? I am, under my own rules, allowed to gift these at any point next Thursday, right up to 11:59pm. So, can I do it?

Mods: what have I changed? Well, the ribbing (1/1 to 3/3), the number of pattern repeats (I added one to make it fit), the twisted stitches (I made them plain) and the decrease in the lace (skpo to s2tog, k1, psso).

lace socks dec closeup
Click either picture (or both) to enlarge.

But apart from that, they are identical to the pattern.

I Do:

I’m on the home straight now. I’ve got erm … 3 and a bit repeats to go on the back, then I just need to block this sleeve and graft the backs together. Oh, and seam the sleeves. Don’t expect outdoor photos just yet though – it’s freeeeezing here at the moment. Hello Spring!

In homage to mamacate, randomness:

  • Hillary Duff’s teeth scare me
  • Waking up an hour sooner than normal because you’ve got a “feeling” about the cricket is not a good thing. Although 7 for 25 in 16 overs is a good thing!*
  • I seem to have an unhealthly interest in the French-Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie**. Well, if you’re going to lust after a minute diver, it might as well be a world champion!

* For the non-cricket-lovers (seriously, what’s wrong with you?) that is extremely good. That’s 7 wickets (good) for 25 runs (bad) in 16 overs (a miracle).
** He has his own website! I just googled to find pictures, but hey, cool!Technorati Tags: ; ; ; ; ;

3 thoughts on “I’m so conventional

  1. I love proper Tests, tolerate the Pyjama Game and abhor 20/20. England is doing really well!!
    I love top down, heel flap on double pointed!! A visitor to out Knitting Coven tried to convince us about the greatness of 2 circulars, but we pooh-poohed her!!
    Very nice decrease.
    We are,in calendar terms, at the end of the first month of Autumn, and it is 24*C, sunny and far too warm. I am waiting for the cold to start!!!


  2. 2paw – Two years ago, I would have agreed with you about 20/20 – until Lancashire got to the finals of the domestic competition and England beat Australia! Strange how quickly I became a convert 🙂


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