My brother needs sympathy

My brother needs sympathy

My little (6 foot tall plus, 20 stone) brother needs all the sympathy you can send his way. I thought about publishing his email address (he could do with a stalker to cheer him up), but I pass along any cooing. He was fixing his computer chair yesterday when he dropped it on his big toe and … I’m going to write this in white, so that the squeemish don’t have to read it – I mean it! If you want to be grossed out, just highlight the following text:

His nail came off. Ewww!!!


On to knitting:

I’ve finished all the knitting on Acorn, so there’s just the finishing, washing, blocking and photographing to do. And write the pattern up, of course!
I could really do with at least one test knitter for this, so if you’re interested in knitting up a fairly simple baby/child garment, leave me a comment.
I’m afraid it will have to be someone that I’ve heard from before and you won’t be able to blog about what it is exactly, or show the finished item until it’s published, but you will get “bigged up” by me! And you might even come back in the next life as Vin Diesel’s string vest! Oh, no, that’s just me, isn’t it?!

Last edit on this post, I promise – I was going to write the pattern up, put it into PDF format and email it to the unfortunate victim lucky test knitter.

Cheers in advance.

4 thoughts on “My brother needs sympathy

  1. If you get no volunteers – feel free too sent it my way 🙂
    Post to the CI is almost as quick as post to mainland UK


  2. cooooo cooooo =) ((((hugs)))) =( Poor little tootsie! I did that once to my finger with a segment of RAILROAD track yeeeouch – so I totally empathize


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