A Symphony in Snow

A Symphony in Snow

For snow-less AirCon-usin’ Texas-livin’ April. And all you Southern Hemispherers! You lucky, lucky people. All pictures taken in my garden this morning. It was freeeeezing!

(All pics are clickable to big them up!)

flower in the snow1

flower in the snow2

flower in the snow3

rose and trellis in the snow

log in the snow

birch tree holly and snow

holly in the snow

ivy in the snow

bootprints in the snow


6 thoughts on “A Symphony in Snow

  1. Grrrr – I WANT snow! I have an almost 2 year-old and a 4 year-old – and I want to play out in it too, and we’ve had nothing more than one or two measly little flakes this year in Cambridge. Grrrrr again!!! 😉


  2. LOL!!!

    It’s STINKIN’ hot today. We were supposed to have storms but they lied again. It’s already 86 degrees and it’s two hours at least, before we hit the hottest part of the day.

    Thanks for the snow pictures =) I LOVE them, I wish I was there to freeze my booty off =)


  3. No, you don’t understand!! Here in Tasmania we’re 2 weeks into Autumn and still having temperatures of 31*C. We want the cool, the cold, the frosty, and we want it NOW!!!!


  4. Beautiful pics. Love all the gorgeous snow! That said, it snowed here today too all day and while beautiful, it was a bit tricksy to drive when there were patches of ice. So I feel your pain!


  5. Great snow pictures! WE didn’t have any (again) in the Channel Islands – the temp was pretty chilly though DH went windsurfing yesterday and the wind chill temp was -5 degrees C!


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