Swatches don’t count …

Swatches don’t count …

… towards my project-monogamy.

tubey swatch
Tubey Swatch

I’m trying to work soley on “Acorn”, but knitting stocking stitch on 3 mm needles from here to eternity isn’t easy! Ermm … I mean … it’s good for my hands to change needle size and type of yarn. Yeah, that’s it!

More evidence of my geekiness:

My Desktop Wallpaper

Yes, that is a screen shot from Star Trek. Spock was my hero!

I Do Shrug (an update at last):

I’ve finally picked up shrug again and managed a couple of rows. In the background you can see my abacus low-energy environmentally-friendly portable calculating device. I have, and use, 4 different types of calculators depending on the task in hand. Of course I own an abacus!

And finally:

I watched the last episode ofStar Trek: Enterprise yesterday. It both sucked and blew. Series 4 was so great (much better than 2 and 3) but the last episode was rubbish. I know that they almost literally pulled the plug the month before the end of filming, but still … And Riker – I didn’t know they did uniforms in gigantic! PORK! {grin}

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3 thoughts on “Swatches don’t count …

  1. Sorry, but I really disliked most of the the whole Enterprise serie. I love watching Star Trek and I guess the first serie of Enterprise was ok, but they lost me somewhere in serie 3. I think they have just began airing serie 4 here, but they show it onn saturdays midday and I never manage to watch tv then anyway.

    project-monogamy??? never heard of it 😉


  2. I must have blocked out the ending, I can’t really remember it. I was pretty teed when they killed off Trip though, that guy is hot =) I thought the series left a bunch of questions unanswered. On the whole, though, I like any Trek series so I am totally easy on them. I think Enterpise would have been better if they could have gone one more year, instead of having to wrap things up in a few final episodes. OH WELL.

    I’m still thinking about DS9 and the Emissary stuck in the worm hole with the Prophets. Is he ever coming out of there? LOL

    I love Spock, too =) (and Data)


  3. Absolutely swatches don’t count. Although I think it depends just how big the swatch gets – my current swatch is well on the way to being a full-blown scarf…


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