E is for

E is for

The Epstein-Barr virus:

© Nasa

© Giant Microbes

Gawd, how I hate this little virus. Because of it, instead of going out drinking, getting pregnant and generally behaving like all of the other teenagers around here, I was curled up in bed suffering with M.E. Still am, actually.

Here’s a lesson for ya kids: don’t drink sheep-dip-laced waters for four weeks on holiday, thereby lowering your immune system, and then kiss a boy at the Christmas disco for a bet, thereby contracting “The Kissing Disease”. You’ll regret it!*

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go “public” with my illness, but with all the “I’ve managed a row in my knitting today” and “I finally managed to get outside with my crutches” posts recently, I thought it was about time. And if anyone comes forward with “helpful” suggestions involving herbs, water, exersice or Jesus, I will scream! I’ve heard it, tried it and rejected it – I promise!

I’ve been ill for longer than I haven’t now, and I cope, just about. Hence the knitting, really!

“F” will be more cheery, I promise!

*All of this is supposition and speculation based on a process of elimination and scientific papers!

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