Aims and deadlines

Aims and deadlines

I likes my lists. So, here’s the mother of all knitting/uni lists to chew on (for posterity/motivational purposes)

  • I need to finish knitting the first version of the June Magknits pattern by the middle of March. I will then type up the pattern, print it off and knit another version as a “punter”. All of this by the end of April (the deadline for submission).
  • I want to finish my Martha Cardigan by the second week in July at the latest. Why then? Because that’s when my residential school starts and I think it would be the perfect “Brrr… it’s a bit cool in the classroom/on the hill/in this field – I need to warm up a bit” cardigan.
  • I’d like to start and finish another pair of socks by the middle of April (my own design – for my mum)
  • I have to finish the “I Do” shrug before I scratch my own eyes out with boredom.

I am Miss Piggy:

I told my mum I’d done this quiz and I asked “And which character do you think I turned out to be?”.
[no pause, straight face] Mum: “Miss Piggy”.

Magknits June:

Which shall hence forth be known as “Acorn”.

I’m still wrestling with the double pointed needles, but that wont be for too much long.

Finally spending my birthday/Christmas money:

After the gloves-that-nearly-ruined-my-knitting-career, I decided to build up my stock of bamboo/wooden needles. I’d tried to make my own from some bamboo skewers, but the plant fibres were too loose and caught on the wool when I was knitting with them.

So, we have double points in 2, 2.5 and 3 mm:

And an 80cm circular needle in 4 mm:

And, ermm… In the background? Yarn? What yarn? Oh that yarn.

No, that’s not Patons Diploma Gold Aran in Cocoa. To knit Tubey. No. I didn’t break my own (bendable) resolution. Nope.

All supplies from a great firm in Scotland called McA Direct. Not affiliated in any way, shape, or form (I wish), just a very satisfied customer.

And Finally:

Chocolate is good for you – it’s official. Woohoo!

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One thought on “Aims and deadlines

  1. I love my clover bamboo Dpns are those the shorter length ones? I have a cuple of pairs of their 16cm ones – they are great for socks.
    Hope you meet your Magknits deadline – mine’s for the May issue 🙂


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