D is for …


I discovered that having a weight on the end of my write-ometer helps me work better, so up stepped my little weight-lifting purple green-haired dinosaur! I think he came out of a box of cereal. Either way, he’s invaluable. He’s perched on top of my favourite pencil – it’s a triangular one and I’m terrified of using it now. The shape is really good for my hand and for my writing. Anyone know where I can get some more?


Not much in the way of knitting around here because of this:

Oh, joy! How much do I love researching academic papers, filing them in alphabetical order (first author surname only) and then doing a cross reference in index cards? A lot, it turns out!

I just keep remembering what my mum says “Your health comes first, then your uni work, then everything else”. I try – I really do.

Actual knitting?


The Magknits item, progress so far.

I’m at a wrestling-with-a-hedgehog stage.

I promised another clue, and here it is. The yarn I’m using comes from Hipknits and is the sock-weight yarn, in the colourway “Tree“.

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