Just say no!

Here are some of the knitting things I’ll be saying “NO!” to this year:

  • The Knitting Olympics – are you kidding! I have enough self-imposed pressure, without any other kind of deadline thank you!
  • Any kind of Secret Pal exchange – see previous blog posts about being stuffed-over by my original pals (emergency secret pals for SP3 not withstanding)
  • Any kind of sock exchange – see my previous effort for a reason why.
  • Knit Alongs that I have no realistic expectation of starting, never mind finishing.

Things I’ll be saying “YES!” to:

  • Free yarn (a girl can hope) – it will fit into my no-yarn-buying policy
  • Rogue – I will cast on for this as soon as I’ve finished erm… I Do? Martha?
  • More wooden needles – made by myself or purchased
  • More published patterns – there is one for definite (Magknits again) and I have an idea for another that I’m currently working on.
  • A shed-load more socks – my aim is to alternate a pair for me and a pair for my mum, but we’ll see how well that works out!


I’ve not been well for over a week and a half now and as a result I’m averaging two rounds every 30 minutes at the moment. Coupled with the gusset increases it makes for slow going. This means it’s not looking likely that I’ll be finished for the prize-draw in the KAL (14th of Feb), but that’s not why I joined in the first place anyway. I have another 12 rows to go before turning the heel, and that always goes (relatively) quickly.

I Do:

Progress has halted for a while, but as soon as I finish Jaywalker, I’ll get going again.

Other stuff:

Whilst I’m not able to knit I’m designing – either on paper or in my head. I’m currently working on two definites- one for Magknits and another for an as-yet-undetermined location. I don’t have the yarn for the Magknits item yet, so it’s all calculator and guess-work for the time being. I’ve not had word from Kerrie yet as regards the publication of my already-done item, so I’m assuming that it will be in the March issue. Or it could be that between her proper job, Hipknits, Magknits and two sick kids she hasn’t has a spare nano-second! Poor woman!

ETA: I forgot to mention this – if you have a spare moment, just pop over to UKnitty and leave your best wishes to “C”. She’s in hospital at the moment, and her boyfriend posted a message letting us know. She’s been supportive of my Arien-designing process (and my Welsh)!


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