Arien – a finished cardigan

Arien – a finished cardigan

It’s late, but it’s done! I gave it to my mum today (the 8th) as a “Thanks for giving birth to me” present. I even wrapped it!

arien finished rs 001

arien finished rs 004

arien finished rs 003
Side (action shot!)

arien finished rs 002
Side (still shot)

arien finished rs 005

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.
I’m leaving the issue of fastening the cardigan for now. The reason for this is because my mum very, very, rarely fastens her cardigans. If she does, it’s usually snowing!

I’ve been thinking about the pattern, and the possibility of publication on somewhere like Magknits (assuming Kerrie would take it).


1. More people would get access to it than the twenty-or-so regular readers who pop by here
2. I like sharing
3. I’m quite pround of it


1. Somewhere like knitty wouldn’t take it becuase I’ve blogged about it
2. I don’t have the confidence to do multiple sizes
3. I don’t have the confidence to publish a proper adult garment
4. It looks too similar to Stef Japel’s stuff to be published
5. I have weird row gauge and the pattern wouldn’t work without it!

So, having said all that, the notes will be up as soon as I’ve found all the bits of paper and deciphered my own handwriting!

ETA – pattern notes now available here.


6 thoughts on “Arien – a finished cardigan

  1. That is such a great color! I love it. If I were you, I’d at least try to get it published.

    Oh, and I have weird gauge also 😛


  2. It’s a loverly cardi. Great work, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the pattern specs for it. (oh… and I never close my cardigans/jackets/hoodies/coats either. Never have – funny that.)


  3. I love it. You do great work. I like having it open. I am also not a buttoner, zipper, I am a flapper! I just dont like to bundle up I guess!


  4. Oh Amy the Arien cardigan is just beautiul. The colour is wonderful and will be versatile enough to get lots of wear. Gee, you really are a lovely daughter. Good luck with your final year of study too.

    Virginia in warm Australia

    AK group


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