A knat’s whisker

A knat’s whisker

That’s how close I am to finishing Arien. I’ll save the detailed photos for the finished item (probably after my birthday tommorrow). In the meantime, I’ll give you a little tease of the pocket opening:

06-01-06 002

Details on how to do that are found in “Cool Socks, Warm feet” by Lucy Neatby (a book I got for Christmas).


I’m about 2.5cm (1″) from the gusset increases. For comparison, I’ve laided it on my “Star Trek” socks.

06-01-06 001

Future plans:

My course is set to start in earnest in a few weeks, although the work load will be no where near as heavy as last year. this means I should be able to do a lot more sewing. With that in mind, I’ve got myself this pattern, from Simplicity. It’s from the Khaliah Ali Collection, and it’s designed for women like me (super curves!).

In knitting-knews, I plan to pick up the Sirdar lace cardigan and get going on that as soon as I’ve finished mum’s cardigan.

Look for the showcase of the finished Arien cardigan (notes and caveats will follow a few days after that).


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