Snow from a clear sky

Snow from a clear sky

That’s what it was doing yesterday. It was wierd to look up into a blue sky and see snow falling down!

Anyway, I have a finished object!

helmet earwarmers

Item name: Bike helmet ear warmers
Recipient: My brother (for his birthday, today)
Pattern: Bike Helmet Ear Warmers By Amy O’Neill Houck from Fall ’05 Menknit
Yarn: Stylecraft Fashion Aran (about 20% wool, 80% acrylic)
Needles: 4.5 mm bamboo straights
Size: one sized
Modifications: yarn substitution
Notes and comments: Overall, this was a really simple pattern. I’m slightly disappointed with the ribbing at the top (it flips down). If I were to make these again, I’d do the ribbing on a smaller needle (possibly even as small as 3.5 mm)

New Socks:

For meeeee!

Toe-up Jaywalkers.

As you can see, I’ve gone for a really muted, dull colourway. I dyed the yarn myself using Kool-aid, and I love it! It’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do! The pattern isn’t really showing through yet, but I’ve only done four pattern rows, so I’m giving it a chance.

Arien update:

Slow and steady, because the yarn has zero elasticity and it quite hard on my hands, but I’m down to belly-button level now.

arien 27-12-05 002
arien 27-12-05 003
arien 27-12-05 005
arien 27-12-05 004

I’ve done them as thumbnails, to cut down on loading time. To see larger views, just click on the little pictures.

The fit won’t be the same on my mum (she’s slimmer than me), although we do have the same torso length. I’ve also only seamed up one sleeve, and the little coloured blobs are the pins I used to hold the fronts together.

She’s requested “somewhere to put a tissue”, so I’m going to try and reverse-engineer patch pockets! Wish me luck!

I’ll see you the other side of the new year, which I will spend with headphones on, being depressed and trying to ignore the fireworks (it’s my annual tradition).


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