TFFT: Amble socks

TFFT: Amble socks

Thank Friday For That!

Amble sock finished

Yarn: Regia Silk in “Sand” 012. About 60 g (approx. 240m) used.
Yarn Source: Opitec
Needles: 2 x 2.25mm circulars
Pattern: Six Sox KAL group
Modifications: Apart from mis-reading the directions for the number of repeats on the leg, none.
Notes/Comments: I loved the pattern, although due to circumstances it took me from August until now (the end of December) to finish them. I worked them one-at-a-time on two circular needles, instead of my usual two-at-a-time. BIG MISTAKE! Lesson now learnt.

At least my mum will be getting one of the knitted gifts I’d intended to give her. Sigh!

I’ve now moved on to my brother’s birthday present. I can’t show anything here yet, just in case he reads this, so I’ll see you on the 29th of this month!I hope you will have/did have a happy Christmas/Chanukah/Hannukhak/Hanuka/I give up – how do you spell it?/Solstice/naked bonfire dancing/general festive shin-dig. (Delete as appropriate).

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